The names of London Zoo’s three adorable young lion cubs have been announced.

The 13-week-old Asiatic lions, born to parents Arya and Bhanu on March 13, have been named Mali, Syanii, and Shanti.

The names for the two male and one female cubs were proposed by schoolchildren, supported by the zoo's corporate partner, Liontrust.

The selected names were later put to a popular vote, with Times Radio listeners finalising the choices.

The pupils were asked to provide reasons for their chosen names.

Mali is Latin-derived, and alludes to the endangered status of Asiatic lions.

Dad Bhanu is looking over his cubs this Father's DayDad Bhanu is looking after his newly-named cubs this Father's Day (Image: Luke Capeling)

Syanii is a variation of the Bengali name Savani, and Shanti, meaning "peace", is drawn from the Indo-Aryan language Gujarati.

The feisty young trio have already captured the hearts of the zoo’s visitors.

Lion keepers have found Syanii to be the group’s natural leader, always taking the initiative in exploring his surroundings.

Shanti is full of curiosity and shows a penchant for climbing.

Both boys, meanwhile, have proven themselves to be attentive elder brothers.

Lion keeper Martin O’Sullivan said: "The addition of these three lion cubs to Bhanu and Arya’s family is hugely exciting for all of us at the zoo and a great conservation achievement."

He emphasised the endangered status of Asiatic lions, whose wild population numbers are estimated between 600 and 700.

Boys Mali and Syanii are protective elder brothersBoys Mali and Syanii are protective elder brothers (Image: Luke Capeling)

He added: "Three new lion cubs are a critical step toward building a strong reserve population to protect the species.

"The Asiatic lions here at London Zoo are sponsored by Liontrust, whose support for our work benefits the conservation breeding programme of this endangered species.

"Liontrust spearheaded a campaign to find names for these cubs, and we’re delighted by the results of the nationwide vote."

Visitors have been captivated by the cubs' practice roars, and Arya has been watching her babies closely.

She has risen to the challenge of their constant hunger, ensuring they grow and build strength.

Visitors to London Zoo this Father's Day will be able to find Bhanu, Arya, and the cubs at the Land of the Lions.

Tickets can be booked through the London Zoo website.