New details have emerged of a new garden in Regent's Park to commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

Late last year, The Royal Parks charity unveiled plans to transform part of a former plant nursery at The Regent’s Park into a place to celebrate the former monarch.

Plans have been submitted to Westminster City Council, with a target date for a decision set for June 20.

The garden - between The Broad Walk, Chester Road and St John's Lodge Gardens - will include a terrace pergola, a pond with a platform and a look-out platform using a repurposed water tower.

It will feature trees and planting significant to the late Queen's life and work.

Ham & High: A bird's eye view of the new garden in Regent's ParkA bird's eye view of the new garden in Regent's Park (Image: The Royal Parks)

This includes a single specimen tree such as an oak or elm to act as the focal point, signifying the strength of the monarchy.

Plants with royal associations could also be planted, such as the specially-bred narcissus ‘Diamond Jubilee’ or ‘Royal Celebration’ tulip, or an agapanthus such as those in the royal collection at Saville Garden.

The boundary between Westminster City Council and Camden Council runs along The Broad Walk, and Camden Council has been invited to give its observations.

The site is currently occupied by Regent's Park Allotment Gardens.

The application follows previously approved proposals to demolish the existing derelict nursery glasshouse complex and put up temporary accommodation units for five years.

Ham & High: The proposed two acre site would take over a former plant nursery that is currently inaccessible to the publicThe proposed two acre site would take over a former plant nursery that is currently inaccessible to the public (Image: The Royal Parks)

According to the planning statement, the new garden will occupy an area of land on the east side of the Store Yard, which is currently covered by hard standing.

After feedback last year, it was concluded that the design will “enhance the setting of the existing... heritage assets”.

The new garden will be split into four areas – the terrace, the flower garden, the meadow and the woodland fringe, each with its own character.

Four entrances are proposed to access the new garden, with the primary entrance being near The Broad Walk to the north of the Espresso Bar.

The second entrance would be near Chester Road and two – one north and one south – will be within Longridge Sanctuary.

Access to the new garden would be the same as the rest of the park – open seven days a week from 5am to between 4.30pm and 9.30pm, depending on the daylight hours at that time of year.

No planning committee date to consider the plans has yet been set.