Who doesn't love a good old classic bagel?

The bread delicacy is a classic dating back to Jewish bakeries in 13th-century Poland, the bagel is now found in practically every supermarket.

History suggests that the humble bagel first arrived in the UK back in the early 1800s, with barriers using the holes of the bread to hang in delis.

While you might not think of London when it comes to bagels, the capital has plenty of great shops all offering variations of the traditional meal.

National Geographic has created a list of the UK's seven best bagel shops with one in London.

This London bagel shop has been named the best in the UK

Many Londoners will already be aware of Beigel Bake, the iconic Brick Lane landmark that's been around since 1974. 

Founded and still run by the Cohen Family, the bagel shop is open 24/7 always offering their beloved bagels.

National Geographic shares: "Fan favourites include salmon and cream cheese, and salt beef with mustard served with a side of pickle. Expect to queue — but it’s definitely worth the wait."

On their website, Beigel Bake self-described themselves as "London's most famous 24/7 bakery".

The shop offers a wide range of bagels and other delicacies, including the plain Beigel, a seeded Beigel, Onion Poppy Seed Platzel, and Cholla.

@madzhungrybelly Famous London Food Spot @Beigel Bake on Brick Lane 🥯 obvs had to go for the salt beef beigel!! #beigel #bricklane #londonfood #bageltok #saltbeef #foodreview #eastlondon #cheapeats ♬ The Look - Instrumental - Metronomy

Plus, they offer filled bagels and sandwiches such as salt beef, chicken, salmon, salami, salmon and cream cheese, avocado, hummus, cheese, tuba, egg, Nutella and even chopped Herring.

You can even enjoy some sweet treats at Beigel Bake, including an apple Danish, cheesecake, chocolate eclair, cookies, Eccles cake and more.

On the online review site Tripadvisor, Beigel Bake has a rating of 4/5 from more than 1,700 reviews.

One guest shared: "A unique and tasty culinary experience. Bagel with salt beef is legendary and is mega filling. Enjoy this quirky, fun and great London institution."

While another added: "The bakery itself is very popular with tourists, but it’s NOT a tourist trap! My beigel was amazing- salt beef, gherkins and cream cheese. Absolutely delicious and lots of it for £7.50."