The Met Office has released its weather forecast for the May bank holiday weekend – and there is definitely a silver lining.

As Londoners prepare for the long weekend, temperatures are mild and rain is unlikely for the most part in north London, making it decent weather for bank holiday activities.

Saturday, May 4

Saturday will see temperatures peaking at 16° and dipping to a chilly 8°.

The day will start with partly cloudy conditions in the early hours, followed by sunny intervals that will last until noon.

Throughout the afternoon, it will become much more cloudy, but temperatures will remain at 15°.

There's a very low chance of rain—less than 5 per cent—during the morning and rising to only 10 per cent in the afternoon.

Sunday, May 5

Sunday will see slightly better weather.

Temperatures are expected to range between 17° and 10°.

Much like Saturday, the morning promises some sun, changing to cloudy by lunchtime, and remaining cloudy throughout the afternoon.

Any plans of outdoor activities in the afternoon will have pleasant weather to look forward to with temperatures at a consistent 16° and less than a 5 per cent chance of rain.

Monday, May 6

On Bank Holiday Monday the weather changes course.

Cloudy skies are expected to dominate the day, changing to sunny intervals only by the late morning.

Be prepared for possible light showers mid-afternoon till late evening which according to the forecast, has a 30 percent chance of happening.

Nonetheless, temperatures will stay between 16° and 9°—not too cold to force north Londoners indoors.

To summarise, the bank holiday weekend will have largely pleasant and dry conditions in north London.

There might be a bit of rain on Monday, but nothing major.