London is one of the best places in the world to live, work and learn in, but over the past 14 years we have all had to deal with challenges inflicted on us by increasingly chaotic Conservative Governments.

We have a private renter’s market spiralling out of control, a cost-of-living crisis gripping people’s pockets, rising energy prices, interest rates and a recession forcing people to choose between food or heating. It’s unprecedented, and families across the capital are struggling.

In Haringey, our focus has, and always will be, on supporting the most vulnerable residents and we will ensure that we can offer the best support, care, and focus that people deserve.

But we have been doing this with one arm tied behind our back for far too long as our incompetent government has caused untold damage to our economy, failed our NHS and social care sector and created a hostile and divisive version of politics I for one look forward to seeing the back of. The last thing we need is a Conservative Mayor in City Hall.

Ham & High: Peray Ahmet will not be voting for a Conservative London MayorPeray Ahmet will not be voting for a Conservative London Mayor (Image: Haringey Council)

Our Labour London mayoralty has been a saviour amid this uncertain political climate, and we are fortunate to have Sadiq Khan at the helm and Joanne McCartney AM supporting him as deputy mayor and our strong voice in Haringey and Enfield. They have helped to ease the burden caused by Conservative failures and provided support to those who need it most.

They have delivered Free School Meals for every primary-aged child, frozen TfL fares, led the way on climate action, and given vital support in building Haringey’s 3,000 council homes.

Sadiq’s vision and commitment to continue this work is steadfast, with 1,300 extra police officers, permanent free school meals, and commitments to creating youth clubs, ending rough sleeping, and building 40,000 extra new council homes.

The choice we have on May 2 is a clear one: a committed, experienced Labour Mayor of London who shares our values and will continue to work hard and deliver for all Londoners, or a Donald Trump-supporting Conservative Mayor who will erode further trust and hope in our politics.

Despite national polls predicting a Conservative wipe-out, the picture is not the same in London, and since the Government changed the voting system so that you only have one vote for Mayor, this race will be a close one.

Lending Sadiq and Joanne your vote is the only way we can keep the Conservatives out of City Hall, and keep us working towards delivering a fairer, greener Haringey where we can support people that need it most.

If you vote by postal vote, please post it as soon as possible. If you are voting at one of our polling stations, remember to bring photographic ID with you.

  • Cllr Peray Ahmet is the Labour leader of Haringey Council.