Voters will soon be going to the polls in a by-election for one of Camden's safest seats.

One of two seats in Frognal ward has become available following the resignation of Conservative group leader Cllr Gio Spinella.

The ward has been held by the party for decades - but all four major parties are vying to win in the poll, which will be held on the same day as London's mayoral and assembly elections on May 2.

Here are the candidates in alphabetical order: 

Steve Adams - Conservative Party

Ham & High: Conservative's Steve Adams is hoping to return to the council chamberConservative's Steve Adams is hoping to return to the council chamber (Image: Conservative Party)

Mr Adams is hoping to return to Camden Council after losing his Belsize seat in 2022, when the Tories lost their position as the main opposition party in Camden.

He says his main goals are reversing the 20mph speed limit in Finchley Road, restoring weekly bin collections, and stopping all pubs and bars in Camden being allowed to open until 1 am.

He also aims to keep Ferncroft and Kidderpore Avenues open to cars and to reduce council tax. 

He said: "I’ve lived in Hampstead all my life, as my parents and grandparents did, as have my children and I want to keep our area special.

"I’ve been an architect for 35 years, with my practice in NW3.

"All my children went to school locally and I serve as a governor at Frognal’s main independent school.

"I’m a lifelong supporter of charities, and raised money for learning disability and autism charity Norwood through cycling rides in 25 countries.

"I’ve been a Camden councillor before, when I led scrutiny of Camden’s housing policies, sponsored Belsize Village’s rejuvenation, and fought for residents against Camden’s anti-car traffic schemes."

Charles Harris - Green Party

Ham & High: Charles Harris is hoping be a second Green Party councillor in Camden Council's chamberCharles Harris is hoping be a second Green Party councillor in Camden Council's chamber (Image: Green Party)

Author Charles Harris has stood for seats in Frognal since 2002, but has never won.

He said: "The Tories are going to win in Frognal, they always do. So voting Tory is a waste. Voting Labour will change nothing and anyway what use is another Labour councillor on a massively Labour council?

"They won’t admit it, but the intelligent councillors would actually welcome a strong Green vote. It would mean they could tell their leaders voters actually do care about the issues that matter. Especially the environment and social justice.

"That they reject a Tory party that believes that environment is too long a word for voters to understand, and that social justice means having a tipple in your club with a judge.

"Reject too a Labour council that doesn’t care about Hampstead and waves through awful development schemes on the nod, with just token affordable housing.

"I’m proud to live in a country where most people actually do support policies that help the environment we live in and wish for social justice.

"I’ve always stood up for what I believe in and I believe that democracy needs it. I’m an prize-winning film-maker, prize-nominated novelist, a sixth Dan black belt in Aikido and have taught police and security guards.

"But I believe that Green votes are the biggest prize of all. I’ve been a member of the party since before it was called the Green party and stood in Frognal since 2002, increasing the vote every time.

"Of course, politicians will say it’s a wasted vote. But what is more wasted than voting for what you don’t believe in?

"A strong Green vote in Frognal would be a real win."

Dr Sarah Hoyle, Liberal Democrat

Ham & High: Dr Sarah Hoyle is standing for the Liberal DemocratsDr Sarah Hoyle is standing for the Liberal Democrats (Image: Liberal Democrats)

Sarah has lived in North London for 20 years, and has been the director of Kentish Town Community Centre since 2017. 

The 45-year-old also volunteers as a family court magistrate, was a founding trustee and chair of trustees at a foodbank covering both Camden and Barnet, and she is a governor for Central North West London NHS Trust.

Sarah was awarded her PhD from the University of York earlier this year.

She said: “My work has provided me with a deep understanding of the way Camden Council operates and how I can make a change for good Camden residents.

"I have spoken with many Frognal residents in recent months, and I hear again and again that they feel let down both by the Labour council and their Tory councillors who take their vote for granted.

“The Liberal Democrats are the official opposition on Camden Council, and I look forward to strengthening this hard-working group of councillors to make them even more effective in challenging the Labour council, and to provide a strong voice for the residents of Frognal Ward."

Simon Lickert – Labour

Ham & High: Simon Lickert is standing for Labour at the Frognal by-electionSimon Lickert is standing for Labour at the Frognal by-election (Image: Labour Party)

Simon moved to Camden in 2015 when he and his wife were looking for their first home together – and found it in 2022 by the Hampstead Heath. He says he "wouldn’t want to be anywhere else".

A governor at Fitzjohn’s Primary School, he said he sees first-hand how hard the community works to support the school, including how parents and children are fundraising for school improvements – "action that inspires me every day".

In his professional life as a consultant he advises charities and local councils on how to make the strongest impact for their communities.

He said: "My professional and voluntary experience would set me up to deliver for our community from day one – campaigning for more affordable housing, supporting our local high streets, and using the Local Community Infrastructure Levy to fund more cycle hangars and electric vehicle charging points on local roads.

"Frognal is normally a Conservative ward – but I’m asking local people to lend Labour their vote this time around.

"We need a fresh pair of eyes, and there is so much to be done in this special part of Hampstead.

"If elected, I’ll work to address the impact of the school run, which is worse here than perhaps anywhere in the country.

"I’ll work with my Labour colleagues to ensure Heath Street and Finchley Road benefit from their share of the new £1.04m investment in street cleaning from the Council. And I’ll do everything in my power to support the community through the Tory cost of living crisis.

"I would be a strong champion for Frognal, and I hope I can win residents’ support."