A sushi restaurant, a burger joint and a chain café are among the establishments with the lowest food hygiene ratings in Camden.

Since the start of February, there were five places inspected by Camden Council’s environmental health team in the areas covered by the Ham&High which were not up to scratch.

Four of which required ‘major improvement’ after being scored a 1/5, while one of these was rated ‘improvement necessary’ with a 2/5.

This includes:

Casadei Foods

This Italian food manufacturer, which operates in Marsden Street, Chalk Farm, was given a 1/5 with ‘major improvement necessary’ after an inspection on February 1.

While its cleanliness and condition of facilities was given a ‘good’ rating, the hygienic food handling was given ‘improvement necessary’ and ‘major improvement’ was necessary in the management of food safety.

Sushi Masa

Located in Haverstock Hill, the sushi restaurant was also slammed with a 1/5 and told ‘major improvement’ was necessary on February 2.

Inspectors gave it the same rating back in June 30, 2023.

But in that inspection, both its hygienic food handling and cleanliness and condition of facilities 'required improvement'.

This year these areas were found to be ‘generally satisfactory’. It was management of food safety that brought the overall rating down to ‘major improvement necessary’.

Ash Court Care Centre

This care home was given a 1/5 on February 6, with ‘major improvement necessary’.

There was no fault with the cleanliness and condition of facilities and building, as that was considered ‘good’.

But the hygienic food handling was rated ‘improvement necessary’, with ‘major improvement necessary' for the management of food safety.

Camden Burger

The Camden High Street restaurant also scored 1/5, with ‘major improvement necessary’, after a visit on February 7.

The hygienic food handling was ‘generally satisfactory’, the cleanliness and condition of facilities was rated ‘improvement necessary’ and the management of food safety needed ‘major improvement'.

Black Sheep Coffee

At the Camden High Street branch, inspectors said that improvement was necessary, scoring the place a 2/5.

Although both the hygienic food handling and management of food safety were ‘generally satisfactory’, the cleanliness and condition of facilities was rated ‘improvement necessary’.

The Ham&High is keeping a monthly record of food hygiene inspections within Camden.

The food hygiene scores range from zero - meaning 'urgent improvement' is needed - to five, which is deemed 'very good'.

To date, just six establishments have been shared by Camden Council in March – although more are expected to be released in a later date.

Here’s a round-up of all ratings between February and March: