Superstar Dua Lipa delighted pupils when she returned to her old classroom to audition for a part in the school play.

She may have won seven Brit Awards, three Grammys and starred in the blockbuster sensation Barbie, but the star felt she had to go back to accomplish one thing.

That was the lead role in the school play when she was ten, and she was not going to let it get away.

So the New Rules singer headed to her old Hampstead primary school with BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James and a camera crew.

“I haven’t been back probably since I’ve left, so it’s been a long time,” said the star, 28.

Looking around her, she remarked “everything’s so small here”.

Before going back in, she recalled the name of the play - Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz – and how she did not get the part she so wanted.

So after the children had auditioned for the role in front of BBC Radio 1 cameras, they were stunned when one last wannabe walked in.

The kids yelled in excitement and astonishment as the tall newcomer was introduced.

She was given some direction from the youngsters as she tried her line several times, but it seemed they all agreed that she deserved the part.

Rob, the head of the school, was actually Dua’s Year 6 teacher at the time.

He said Dua hadn’t changed at all since he last saw her.

He added: “She was a lovely, lovely girl… she was the right side of cheeky.”