A gourmet Indian restaurant turned around a 1/5 food hygiene score to the highest possible rating after an “isolated blip”.

DAAKOO, based in West End Lane in West Hampstead, was told ‘major improvement’ was necessary after a food hygiene inspection on December 20 last year.

It was given a 1/5, with management of food safety judged to need ‘major improvement’ and both the hygienic and food handling and cleanliness and condition of facilities rated ‘improvement necessary’.

According to the DAAKOO team, the small business the low score was an “isolated blip”.

On February 15, the restaurant redeemed itself when it was inspected once again and given a 5/5.

Camden Council’s environmental health team said the hygiene level is now ‘very good’.

Hygienic food handling was rated ‘very good’, while both the cleanliness and condition of facilities and management of food safety were considered ‘good’.

A DAAKOO spokesperson said: “It’s unfortunate that our takeaway was assigned this rating, but we are happy to report we now have a five star perfect score in a second inspection in less than a month after.

“I can confidently state that this was an isolated blip in all twenty years I’ve been in the industry.”