Three pubs have been broken into in the early hours of the morning by thieves smashing windows and making off with spirits, bottles of wine and crisps.

The Priory Tavern, in Belsize Road, and Kilburn High Road pubs the North London Tavern and Kilburn Bridge were all victims of break-ins in the past month.

Greene King pub the North London Tavern was robbed at 3am on March 18 and Stonegate's Kilburn Bridge had its windows smashed on March 13, just two weeks after opening.

The Priory Tavern has been burgled three times since opening on August 4, twice in the past week.

On March 14 at 4am thieves smashed the front window, climbed in wearing masks and gloves, and took a load of spirits.

Landlord Joe said: "It happened a month before in a very similar way," he added:  "We don't carry cash here but they took the empty cash drawer and then it happened again on this Saturday morning."

Thieves smashed their way in again at 6.45am on March 16 but this time the landlord had secured all the unopened bottles.

He said thieves take anything that's unopened, generally "unpopular spirits".

"The second time because everything was more secured and not much about they took a few bottles of wine and even stole some crisps."

Joe said that as well as the North London Tavern and Kilburn Bridge, he'd spoken to the nearby Black Lion and the Sir Colin Campbell and both had been broken into several times. 

He added: "You don't know when it's going to stop. Usually when you get broken into you it will be at least six months to a year that it will happen again but this is really concerning."

He said thieves don't take enough for him to make a claim, so the costs eat up his profits.

"Insurance companies won't deal with that on a commercial policy and you can't do a multiple claim for lots of incidents," he added.

"It just needs to stop really. Aside from putting up bars and making it look like a prison there's not a lot I can do."

He added that he sent a clear CCTV image of one of the thieves to the Metropolitan Police and suggested officers patrol the High Road between 3.30am and 6.30am every morning "to catch them in the act".

Greene King, which manages the North London Tavern, said they were "assisting the police in their enquiries".

Stonegate did not respond.

The Met has been contacted.