Thames Water has pledged to investigate multiple leaks that regularly bring traffic on a busy road to a standstill.

After calls from businesses and a Crouch End councillor, the water company will undertake investigative work on Crouch Hill.

The area is blighted by repeated floods that have led to 118 days of street works and the road being closed for 88 days since 2015.

The most recent problems occurred at the end of January after a leak outside the former NatWest bank escalated to become a “full-scale mains failure”.

Thames Water said monitors will be placed on its network to better understand where the leaks are coming from.

It will then "consider different options for repairs and upgrades" but no timelines have been given.

Liberal Democrat councillor Luke Cawley-Harrison held a meeting on March 8 with Thames Water’s head of London planning, Simon Moore, Lewis Freeman, chair of the Crouch End Traders Association and officers from Haringey Council.

Mr Freeman, who runs Dunn's Bakery, said: "It seems Luke did get through to them as Thames Water agreed to take a good, hard look at the problem and promised to investigate properly."

Both Lewis and Cllr Harrison said that Thames Water agreed, subject to further analysis, that Crouch Hill could be considered for their 2026-30 major works programme, which could result in the full replacement of the pipe network.

Cllr Harrison said "fixing the chronic failing" would be good for people and the utilities company.

"It is not fair for traders and residents to be constantly inconvenienced by Thames’ failing," he added.

"Though I of course wish that the timescales for a fix were much shorter, I am pleased to have secured a first tentative commitment from Thames to look at this issue long term.

"I made clear to them that any further works they carry out in the short term must be urgently prioritised for completion, and communication back to the community much improved.”

A Thames Water spokesperson apologised to residents, motorists and businesses for inconvenience caused by "necessary work to repair our clean water pipes" on Crouch Hill.

“We’d like to assure our customers, that our teams are working to find a solution as quickly as possible and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any concerns members of the public may have,” they added.