A roundabout overwhelmingly judged ‘dangerous’ or ‘very dangerous’ will be replaced with traffic lights.

Haringey Council has secured £200,000 to replace the roundabout that joins Tottenham Lane with Ferme Park Road in Crouch End after calls to make the junction safer.

The plan is to remove the roundabout and put a new, traffic light-controlled junction in its place.

This action comes after Transport for London (TfL) paid for a feasibility study of the proposal.

In a survey last year, 80 per cent of residents considered the roundabout 'dangerous' or 'very dangerous', while 90 per cent pointed it out as a problem junction.

Cllr Seema Chandwani, cabinet member for resident services & tackling inequality, said the council made it "a priority" to improve the safety of the junction.

She said: "It’s not just about listening to our residents but more importantly taking action to address their concerns and prioritising the safety of our community."

"We made it a priority to join forces with TfL to make this happen and this underscores our commitment to enhancing safety measures across the borough.

"Traffic signals play a critical role in ensuring road safety and maintaining the functionality of our road networks.

"Therefore, this substantial amount of funding will go a long way to improving our borough and investing in its future."

Working hand-in-hand with TfL, the council aims to present a suitable new design for the junction by autumn 2024.

The views of residents and stakeholders will be taken into account, with the council looking to hear their views on the proposals towards the end of the year.

Provided all residents and stakeholders are happy, extra funding will be secured, and work to install the new signal junction is expected to start in May 2025.