Are you contemplating seeking dental services or dental treatment in Turkey? Well, this one is for you. The first step is identifying a reliable dental clinic in Turkey.

It would be ideal to do your due diligence on different dental clinic in Turkey offers to identify the dentist to visit to get the best services. Most offer excellent services at reasonable prices. Find a dentist in Turkey who ticks all your boxes to get the best experience.

Cosmedica Dental Clinic is located in Istanbul, Tukey. The clinic has great service and exceptional results if you want anything done on your teeth. We offer dental treatments for veneers, implants, crowns, and more. If you are looking for a beautiful smile, you just might have found it!

Why Seek Dental Solutions in Turkey?

The number of patients seeking dental solutions in Turkey is steadily growing. There has been an increase in patients coming from first-world countries to enjoy exploring as they get dental makeovers.

Dental care in Turkey is convenient and safe. Dental facilities here are outfitted with advanced dental technology, and cosmetic dentists have received extensive training in smile makeovers and intricate restoration operations.

When you visit a dental clinic in Turkey, you can expect high quality service at an incredible price. At Cosmedica Dental, the service is incredible, and the experienced team gives you quality dental treatment.

Popular Dental Treatment in Turkey

Veneers in Turkey

It is a procedure that involves not cutting teeth but instead making their front surfaces thinner, resulting in losing at least some healthy tooth tissue. This is where porcelain tooth laminate is put to make these areas more slim.

Medical explorers came to Turkey for treatment because of the country's excellent quality of professionals and doctors, as well as the affordable price of treatment systems. Most doctors of dentistry in Turkey received training abroad and are equally competent as dental specialists in the UK or US.

They may also give veneers and other orthodontic methods at a comparatively inexpensive price. Veneers are a very popular treatment in Turkey since they allow people to transform their smile.

The cost of veneers in Turkey varies based on the clinic, dentist, and materials used; patients can pick between porcelain, composite, zirconia, and others. Cosmedica Dental in Turkey offers top notch veneer services.

Implants in Turkey

An implant stabilizes one or more fake teeth. When a tooth's root fails, a titanium screw can be used to replace it. It is embedded in the jawbone like a tooth root.

Dental implants in Turkey prices are a major lure for patients. You can save up to 70% on procedural fees when compared to Europe or the United States.

You could save a few thousand dollars by obtaining your implants overseas in Turkey, particularly should you want a mouthful of new teeth. It is also important to note that the cost also depends on whether or if other treatments, such as bone grafts, are required.

Teeth whitening in Turkey

Getting your teeth whitened in Turkey means saving lots of cash on expert and high-quality in-facility treatment. If you are travelling to Turkey, invest in a teeth whitening session.

Other dental services in Turkey include:

  • Dental crowns,
  • Root canal treatments,
  • Bridges and dentures,
  • Extractions,
  • Fillings and much more.

Dental Packages Offered at Cosmedica Dental

With over 15 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, Cosmedica Dental provides the finest standards of quality dental treatment, hygiene, and service. Our clinic in Turkey provides dental implants, porcelain veneers, zirconium crowns, root canal treatments, smile design, and smile makeovers - all in the best possible conditions.

Dental facilities in Turkey are well-known for providing both high-quality dentistry and affordable dental care. Cosmetic implants, zirconium crowns, porcelain veneers, and root canals are some of the most popular treatments. Cosmedica Dental provides these and other procedures.

The treatment typically takes 6 - 24 months to complete. The severity of your case determines this, the number of aligners required and your ability to wear the aligners consistently. Afterward, you must use your Invisalign retainers to avoid orthodontic relapse and keep your straight smile.

Our orthodontist does progress checks every 2 - 3 months to ensure that the treatment is going properly. We can do follow-ups virtually for our overseas patients while the rest of your aligners are shipped directly to your home.

What do these packages include?

  • Comprehensive assessment,
  • Treatment planning and customization,
  • Accomodation and VIP transfer,
  • Progress checks,
  • And much more.

Why come to Cosmedica Dental in Istanbul?

Cosmedica Dental is the place to get the ideal smile design. The dental clinic in Istanbul is your one stop for all dental needs. With years of being in the industry, you can expect top-notch dental treatment for any of the procedures you procure.

Our world class professionals are well-trained and have years of experience. We employ advanced cutting-edge dental technology, guaranteeing that perfect smile.

We specialize in highly efficient treatment processes that make use of cutting-edge technology. Alongside sterile equipment and excellent customer service, our team comprises of experienced dentists and dental experts dedicated to our patient's satisfaction.

All doctors at Cosmedica Dental Clinic hold a dental degree and have completed the required additional training to practice dentistry in Turkey. They attend medical symposiums and congresses locally and abroad. This ensures that they remain up to date on the latest approaches and technologies in our sector.