Fresh calls have been made for "balance" between a thriving night time economy while protecting people living nearby.

Concerns have been raised about Camden Council's proposed five-year strategy that could allow pubs in the borough to stay open an hour later - with 'framework hours' for new licences extended until midnight from Monday to Thursday and until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays.

A meeting to discuss the policy in January was cancelled at the last minute after objections from senior police officers and the community.

Conservative opposition leader Cllr Gio Spinella raised the issue at Camden's council meeting on Monday (March 4).

He said he had attended a culture and environment scrutiny meeting as an observer the week before, where the changing the licensing of the night time economy was discussed.

"Lots of residents associations showed up, and their call, which was sadly ignored by the majority of the council, was a simple word, balance," he said.

"We all understand the need for a vibrant night time economy, Camden in particular has one of the strongest ones in the country, contributing something between 1.5% to 2% of the national GDP.

"However we must remember that this night time economy cannot be done over the heads of the residents in these wards that would be affected by it.

"So we once again call on this administration to listen to the words expressed by those residents and again remember that one key word, balance."

Camden Council leader Cllr Georgia Gould picked up his request, telling him a "huge amount" of consultation was happening, particularly focused on some of the "worst impacted" areas.

She said 1,600 people had responded to the initial consultation and a representative citizens assembly was created to look at the responses and set out a strategy.

She added: "I'm sure you've read it, I do think it's an incredibly balanced thoughtful document that our citizens worked on. I'm grateful for that support and leadership in that and it does set out that balance that supports the night time economy and protects residents.

"As you know there's work going on around the licensing policy at the moment which will come forward for full consultation."