Pupils will have a potential worldwide audience with a series of online TEDx talks covering everything from Chinese tea ceremonies to dementia research.

The King Alfred School (KAS) in Hampstead recently hosted its fourth TEDx event in the school’s Phoenix Theatre.

Eight students, three staff, four parents and two Old Alfredians spoke about topics such as investing in Africa and financial savvy for students.

The TEDx event gave students a platform for their ideas, featured talks inspired by students' personal stories, and provided insights into subjects like alternative education, historical passions and mental health.

Ham & High: All the talks are now available to watch on YouTube and on the school's websiteAll the talks are now available to watch on YouTube and on the school's website (Image: The King Alfred School)

Headteacher Robert Lobatto said: "It’s great to see how open the student speakers are about their experiences but also to hear different perspectives from the parents and staff.

"The camaraderie between the student, parent, and staff speakers was a sight to behold.

"It is always a special moment when you see a 17-year-old reassuring one of the more mature speakers that ‘it is all going to be OK’."

School alumnus Amiee, who was one of those speaking, added: "TEDx is such a great example of the self-expression this school fosters.

"Students are allowed to have a voice on subjects they’re interested in.

"You do feel anything is possible."

Maya was the first of the eight students to take the stage.

Her proud parents, who watched from the audience, said: "It was very emotional seeing her on stage, I was super proud."

The TEDx event, with speeches kept to five minutes each, provided a way to hear about a number of subjects and to see things from different viewpoints.

Audience member Nicola, whose son has just started Reception at the King Alfred School, said: "Today has been informative and moving for lots of reasons.

"You’re hearing really touching stories and for me, I feel really proud that this event is taking place at my son’s school."

The TEDxKingAlfredSchool event took place on January 28, 2024.

The talks were recorded live and are now available on the TEDx Talks YouTube channel and the school's website.