Hampstead Heath has been a haunt of poets, artists and wanderers for centuries – but how does it fare in the age of the internet review?

This historic "oasis" in the heart of London, which has such a rich history, has received hefty praise in most of its 1,257 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor.

Visitors called the heath "bliss" and "nature at its best" - and only two reviewers left a 1-star review.

For most, the Heath was an unforgettable experience.

One reviewer said in August 2023 that it was "heaven sent".

Ham & High: Many recommended a dip in the pondsMany recommended a dip in the ponds (Image: Pixabay)

They added: "Absolutely beautiful. Definitely recommend you take a visit.

"Unforgettable place. Nature at its best."

Hampstead Heath's fascinating historical context adds to its charm.

The famous poet Keats lived in nearby Hampstead between 1817 and 1820, with the Heath's stunning landscapes inspiring some of his poetry. Landscape painter John Constable also had a house in the village and painted wild scenes nearby.

Nonetheless, not all visitors over the year have been enamoured.

With a 3-star review, one TripAdvisor user commented: "If this is the only open space you have in London then I suppose it is worth going to.

"Maybe we are spoilt leaving near the New Forest and the Purbecks but not impressed at all.

"It was a walk in open space."

The Heath's open spaces date back to historical times when it was a significant source of water for London.

They now provide "amazing views of London" according to one visitor on TripAdvisor.

Ham & High: It was blissIt was bliss (Image: Pixabay)

Some remnants of its agricultural past can still be glimpsed today, while evidence suggests that its history traces back to the Bronze and Mesolithic ages, with the Heath playing host to farmsteads, mills and more.

One of the reviewers, "travelsleuth1961" from Kansas City, said that a visit was not to be missed.

They wrote: "So much space in centre of London and amazing view from Parliament Hill.

"Strongly recommend. A must do when in London.

"Don’t miss it. Strongly recommend."

Others recommended a full day out on the Heath, like Chloe, who said: "Beautiful park. First visit and loved it.

"So many different paths to explore. An oasis of peace and calm.

"Lovely swimming ponds to view."

For others, it was not just the views but also the chance for a refreshing swim.

One visitor enjoyed a swim in the Mixed Pond during a hot summer day in 2022, saying "it was bliss".

Another reviewer added: "Came here again recently with friends.

"Despite the rainy weather, it was surprisingly busy!

"Huge open space with plenty of green areas, water bodies, and walking/cycling paths.

"You can easily spend hours walking around the grounds here."

With its mix of praise and criticism, the Heath remains a testament to London's enduring past as well as its vibrant present.