Valentine's Day, if Hollywood movies are to be believed, is the stuff of fairy tales and Hallmark greetings cards. Love is in the air and happy couples are inescapable.

As a veteran of the singles' club, I have detested it with all my heart and spent it every year like I am Harry Potter in Mr Dursley’s house - in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending I don’t exist.

This year I tried something drastic. I went down to Junkyard Golf Club in Camden, which is perfect for a Valentine's Day date night with its kissing booth, carousel of love and exclusive 'love potions'.

Ham & High: The neon-lit kissing booth at the venueThe neon-lit kissing booth at the venue (Image: Junkyard Golf Club)
And if that wasn’t enough to challenge me, I took an ex along with me to go full rogue.

I have played mini golf at Junkyard Golf Club in Camden several times since it opened in September last year. Its retro vibes, vibrant courses, funky cocktails and energetic music have made it my go-to escape after a tiring week.

Ham & High: The 'Junk in Love' cocktail designed for Valentines DayThe 'Junk in Love' cocktail designed for Valentines Day (Image: Junkyard Golf Club)I believed this was my home turf and I was ready to beat my ex to a pulp with the putter - on the green, of course. I chose two of my favourite courses - Bozo and Dirk- one with scary clowns, ferris wheels and hall of mirrors, and another with a basement of horror - like a metaphor for our relationship.

Ham & High: One of the holes in the Dirk course has the set up of a derelict public toiletOne of the holes in the Dirk course has the set up of a derelict public toilet (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)

What started off being an awkward hang-out was oddly therapeutic. We played as one team, cheering for each other and chatting, singing, dancing and drinking along the way.

We joked about how names of some of the holes - downward spiral, hall of shattered dreams and wheel of misfortune - were the story of our lives and watched other couples around us in the happy place we once used to be.

Ham & High: The Downward Spiral hole at one of the coursesThe Downward Spiral hole at one of the courses (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)
One after another, the holes got us in a competitive spirit, mixed with a sense of joy and purpose. The resentment was slowly being replaced by camaraderie, and when we tallied the scores in the end, we had won a course each.

We got our hands on the Love Specs next - they literally transformed every light into a display of rainbow love hearts and we giggled like two old friends.

Ham & High: The glass of cocktail seen through the Love SpecsThe glass of cocktail seen through the Love Specs (Image: Junkyard Gold Club)And just then it dawned on me that this was the most fun I have had on a Valentine's Day.

We parted ways after a stop at the artfully styled kissing booth - not to kiss but snap a few selfies, and pledged to add mini golf and Junkyard as our monthly catch-up.