Spanning 11 lines and more than 400km of tracks, the London Underground is one of the largest metro systems in the world.

Many Londoners who have lived in the city for decades will have only ever visited a fraction of the 272 stations that make up the network.

For most, a few routes are enough to take us to work or to see friends, and only occasionally, staring at the TfL map, do we wonder what Roding Valley, or the end of the Metropolitan line has to offer.

But thankfully none of us have to pay the zone 9 price cap to find out – TikTok influencer Tom Rees has already done it all, rating every Tube station you never even knew existed.

Tom, who moved to London from rural Shropshire around seven years ago, admits that his previous interest in trains was limited to the Thomas the Tank Engine steam railway in his hometown.

The 28-year-old said: “But then I was in a city where I could get to all corners of the map pretty easily, and I just thought – I wonder what it’s like in Chesham? Or down in Morden?

“It was in part curiosity – I grew up in a rural part of the world where there is next to no public transport.

“So, a few years ago I sort of on a whim went to all of the stations. All 272.”

The footage he took of his travels remained buried on a hard drive until recently, when a plan to use it finally came to him “one day in the shower”.

Tom, who works in creative strategy and marketing, said: “I was doing a lot of activity on TikTok ads.

“I realised – I kind of know how TikTok works and I’ve got all this footage that I’ve just had on a hard drive, so let’s put them together and see what happens.”

Thus was born Tom’s @vaguely.mundane account, which has since amassed more than 13,000 loyal followers, with some videos racking up almost half a million views.

As of yesterday (February 15), Tom had posted videos rating 160 of London’s Tube stations from top-tier ‘S’ quality all the way down to grade ‘E’.

Archway might be the 28-year-old's closest station, but his favourite is much further afield. 

He said: “I think if I had to edge one station over the others, maybe I’d go with Uxbridge of the ones I’ve done so far, with all its art deco architecture and stain glass windows.

“I just like when you go all the way to the end of the line, and you get a really nice station. It feels like it’s rewarding the effort.”

@vaguely.mundane It's the most newsworthy event to happen in Uxbridge until... tomorrow - it's my tube station review! Will it receive the highest honours or be consigned to the dustbin of history? #london #tube #tierlist #uxbridge #piccadillyline #metropolitanline #byelection ♬ original sound - Vaguely Mundane (Tom)

He added: “Kilburn Park did quite well too. I remember when I first went there it was a bit unexpected because the Bakerloo line is variable in quality of its stations, but that one is a real hidden gem.”

Perhaps no surprises then that it is also a Bakerloo line station that takes home Tom’s award for the worst Tube station on the map.

He said: “The worst station so far is Stonebridge Park – it’s very unloved, put it that way.

“The Bakerloo line is an enigma. It definitely needs some care and attention in some parts, but in other parts it’s almost like a museum.”

@vaguely.mundane Happy Halloween! 🎃 Here's a spooky tale from the Bakerloo Of a station that's rusty on platform two A miserable section of overground line With scenery you'd rather be leaving behind I can't in good faith say this place is for me So it'll come as no shock that the tier is... Yeah Stonebridge Park isn't fun is it 🥴 #london #tube #tierlist #bakerlooline #londonoverground #stonebridgepark #exploring ♬ original sound - Vaguely Mundane (Tom)

Once his Tube station series is finished, Tom plans on also visiting all of the Overground, DLR and Elizabeth line stations.

On the immediate horizon, however, is a TikTok collaboration with Southern and Thameslink.

To coincide with the rail companies launching accounts on the short-form video app, Tom will take part in a series of challenges across their rail network in a contest dubbed ‘Destination Dash’.

Aided by Brent Cross West revenue control officer Nathan Hartnell and Gatwick Airport station dispatcher Justin Nathan, Tom will take on fellow TikTok influencers @jgandphee in the challenge.

Both teams will race to different destinations to take part in competitions including baking, water sports and a penalty shootout.

TikTok users can support one of the teams by commenting either #TeamThameslink (Tom’s team) or #TeamSouthern to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

Tom said: “I think we all bring our own perspectives and our own skills to the table.

“I’d always back myself and my team, but you can’t write the others off!”