Did you know that the UK is the second-highest producer of electronic waste per capita in the world?

Belsize Park resident Ugo Vallauri is co-founder of the amazing European Right to Repair campaign.

The campaign is successfully putting pressure on the EU to deliver ambitious regulations to make repairing things easier and more affordable. It’s time for the UK to catch up with these regulations.

Ugo tells me, “We need to slow down our consumption of resources and emissions. Longer-lasting, repairable products are an important part of this.

"It's not just about reducing our environmental impact - it's about ensuring equity in digital access, avoiding unnecessary waste. That's what the Right to Repair movement is all about.

Ham & High: Debbie Bourne has spoken to an e-waste campaignerDebbie Bourne has spoken to an e-waste campaigner (Image: Debbie Bourne)

Ugo continues, "We’ve launched a UK Repair and Reuse Declaration with key asks for the UK government (repairreusedeclaration.uk) to make sure the UK government puts the right incentives on repairable products.

"This will also create more repair and reuse jobs in our local economies. This declaration already had over 250 community groups, organisations and businesses sign up to it. Could you be next?"

The Declaration asks that the UK government not only require future products to be designed to be repairable but that consumers are informed about a product's repairability - as happens in France. Also, that financial incentives to make repairs are more affordable for everyone as happens in Austria.

Last year, the Restart Project conducted research in Brent and found out that over 35% of products brought to recycling centres are immediately reusable. Based on this stat, surely every local and waste authority must be required to create ways for these products to be reused rather than recycled.

We all need to play our part if we want to truly tackle the throwaway economy and reduce the amount of e-waste created by this broken system. Thinkanddocamden.org.uk will be co-hosting events during repair week in March. Do join in the fun!

So, dear reader, say goodbye to the 'lonely parts club' and sign the repair and reuse declaration right now!

  • Debbie Bourne is head of Imagination at thinkanddocamden.org.uk and author of The Eco-Romance Series. The High-Heeled Eco Worrier is out in April.