A primary school has been downgraded by Ofsted for "not considering carefully enough what they want pupils to know".

Primrose Hill Primary School, in Princess Road, was rated 'good' by the education watchdog  -  one step down from the 'outstanding' rating it received when last inspected in 2009.

Its next inspection was due in 2020, but this was delayed until December 13 and 14 last year.

In a report published last Monday (February 5), inspectors rated the Princess Road school good across the board.

They praised its "positive, nurturing atmosphere" and "broad and ambitious" curriculum, but added: "In a few subjects, the school has not considered carefully enough what they want pupils to know. This leads to inconsistencies in how well the curriculum is implemented in these subjects.

"At times, teaching is not focused on the most important knowledge that pupils need to learn. This leads to some gaps in pupils’ understanding in these small number of subjects."

However, they said school leaders were reviewing the curriculum to ensure pupils’ learning is consistently strong across all areas.

Inspectors noted that the school was "inclusive" and that "everyone feels welcomed".

They praised ‘well-being champions’, who take part in assemblies and teach lessons about feelings and emotions, as well as a ‘friendship squad’ that supports younger peers with activities in the playground

The school, which has 446 pupils aged 2 to 11, also has a range of clubs for pupils to join, such as street dancing, fencing and coding and in 2019 opened a specially resourced provision that currently caters for 14 pupils with autism.

Headteacher Liam Frost said it was a "robustly good" inspection report and was particularly pleased to see that it acknowledged the strengths of the school the "purposeful" atmosphere in lessons and positive relationships between staff and children.

He added: "The headline message from inspectors was that the school now just needs some time to embed existing systems and reflect upon what learning we prioritise in a small number of subjects.

"As noted in the report, work on this had already begun prior to Ofsted’s visit in December."

"We are extremely proud of the many achievements of our pupils and staff in our successful school and look forward to continued and sustained success in the coming year.”