Visitors have been urged to not bring fireworks or paper lanterns to Primrose Hill ahead of the Lunar New Year.

The warning has been issued by The Royal Parks charity and the Metropolitan Police Service.

They have stressed that fireworks and lanterns are prohibited in all Royal Parks, as they can cause significant damage, litter, and noise disturbances.

Visitors are also urged to protect the parks by taking litter home or disposing of it in the provided bins.

Nick Biddle, park manager for The Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, said: "We welcome considerate visitors to Primrose Hill.

Ham & High: The charity also urged people not to organise large gatherings in the parkThe charity also urged people not to organise large gatherings in the park (Image: Andre Langlois)

"Please respect the park and residents from the surrounding area by not organising a large gathering on Primrose Hill or letting off your own fireworks or lanterns.

"If the bins are full, please take litter home with you.

"Please enjoy the view safely.

"If you notice anything suspicious, please contact the police on 101 or if it is an emergency call 999."

The Royal Parks charity maintains and improves its eight parks in London, including Primrose Hill, at a cost of about £60 million a year.

It raises 80 per cent of this amount independently, with the Government providing the remaining 20 per cent.