The latest work by internationally famous artist Ai Weiwei is on display in a Hackney dry cleaners.

Created in celebration of Lunar New Year, Guardian can be seen in the window of The Steam Room in Kingsland Road, Haggerston until February 16.

The print depicts the Divine Guardian or Door God, a traditional symbol of good fortune and protection that is fixed above doors during the New Year period.

Ham & High: The print Guardian will be on display in the dry-cleaner's window over Lunar New YearThe print Guardian will be on display in the dry-cleaner's window over Lunar New Year (Image: Avant Arte)

Avant Arte has partnered with the cleaners to display the work by the Chinese artist, who has previously exhibited at The Royal Academy, Tate and Design Museum.

Owner Tony Chung said: "Having the opportunity to feature Ai Weiwei, a visionary in the art world, was an experience filled with both honour and awe. Ai Weiwei's art, steeped in cultural and political profundity, resonates with our mission to cherish meaningful creative expressions. His presence wasn't just an achievement; it was a responsibility that inspired us to further our commitment to showcasing art that challenges societal norms."

The Steam Room has a history of showcasing Asian artists over New Year and Tony was delighted to work with Avant Arte this year.Ham & High: Owner Tony Chung outside his Haggerston dry cleaners with the artwork in the windowOwner Tony Chung outside his Haggerston dry cleaners with the artwork in the window (Image: Avant Arte)

He added: "Embracing Asian artists during the Lunar New Year has become a heartfelt tradition for us. This initiative blossomed during COVID, a time when ours was the only open door in the neighbourhood. We've had the privilege of featuring some of the most talented East and South-East Asian artists.

"Coming from a product design background, being able to offer a platform to these artists fills me with immense satisfaction. It's a way to honour our heritage and to fervently support the vibrant tapestry of creativity in our community."

The Steam Room is beloved by major British fashion designers including Roksanda and Henry Holland. Tony says the collaboration comes from his own journey in design - "fuelling my passion to nurture young designers and their creations".

"We delicately handle each garment with a level of care that speaks to our understanding of the art of fashion. It's been an organic journey, built on trust and word-of-mouth within the design community."

As for Lunar New Year, he says the Door Guardian is "more than just a cultural emblem, it holds a special meaning in Chinese tradition."

"These guardians, fierce and majestic, stand at the entrance of homes as protectors against unseen evils. They are symbols of strength, safeguarding prosperity and good fortune."

"The Lunar New Year is a time of renewal and celebration deeply woven into the fabric of Chinese and other Asian cultures. This festival is a vibrant expression of our hopes and dreams for good fortune, enveloping us in a spirit of togetherness and joy as we step into a new year."