A 20 metre 5G mast could be built between Crouch End and Alexandra Palace.

Cornerstone, a joint venture telecommunications company between Vodafone and O2, has applied to build the mast in Priory Road.

According to documents submitted to Haringey Council, the tower would be placed next to the tennis courts in Priory Park.

Alongside the mast, there would be six supporting antennae, two 300mm dishes, and two other cabinets.

In Cornerstone’s information sheet about their 5G towers, they cite comments from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) from 2019, about their safety.

The government agency said: “It is possible that there may be a small increase in overall exposure to radio waves when 5G is added to an existing network or in a new area.

“However, the overall exposure is expected to remain low relative to guidelines and, as such, there should be no consequences for public health.”

Cornerstone added: “As 5G technology is deployed across the country more and more services will become available and our lifestyles, economy and even the way we commute will be transformed.

“Additional base stations and upgrades to existing ones will be needed to meet this demand and improve the quality of service.”

An application by Three UK to build a 15m tall 5G mast in Shepherds Hill Garden was refused planning permission by the council.

Full details of the plans can be found on Haringey’s public register under reference HGY/2023/3382.

Comments on the application can be made until February 5, with a target decision date of February 14.