Ham & High readers have spoken, revealing the shops they'd like to see open in Hampstead High Street in 2024.

Some Hampstead residents wished for old shops to return, whereas others had ideas for new book shops, cafes or record shops.

One Facebook user, Karen Weedon, said: "I would bring back the fresh pasta shop that used to be next door to Louis patisserie."

Another reader, Naomi Kryske, picked Maison Blanc and Cafe Rouge the places she wanted back.

Some called for community spaces instead, with one resident saying they would love to see "a community cafe to have crafts and warm banks" in Hampstead.

Ham & High readers are sharing their views at a time of considerable change on the high street.

Boots, Argos and Costa are among the major high-street retailers that confirmed store closures set to take place in 2024, following a turbulent 2023 that saw Wilko enter administration and Boots announce the closing of 300 stores over 12 months.

Other UK high-street retailers including Argos, Iceland, New Look and B&M closed several stores across the UK in 2023.

Pub chain JD Wetherspoon publicised its plan to sell several sites, while Clinton Cards is taking actions to dodge insolvency, impacting about a fifth of its stores.

Against the backdrop of closures, shoppers outlined what they would like to see.

One reader, Áine Corrigan, wanted an independent record store, saying that Hampstead is "such a great area for this".

Somewhat tired of the hospitality sector's dominance, another reader expressed a desire for diversity, saying: "Anything except a cafe, eatery, or restaurant would be a blessing."

Some did not think anything needed to change.

Gavin DiGavi summed it up: "Actually, if you include Heath Street and the top end of Fitzjohn's, there's not much missing.

"Sometimes a particularly good shop closes, but shopkeepers do retire."