The British Museum is joining forces with hit series Horrible Histories to get children involved in their new show about life in the Roman army.

Author Terry Deary and illustrator Martin Brown, who are behind the bestselling books, have designed a themed exhibition trail for Legion: life in the Roman army.

Children will be guided through the show - which has a variety of family friendly interactive stations and objects - by Horrible Histories’  beloved character, Rattus.Ham & High: Armour from the Arminius Revolt will be among the exhibits at the British MuseumArmour from the Arminius Revolt will be among the exhibits at the British Museum (Image: The British Museum)

Playfully renamed Claudius Terrattus, he will take younger visitors on his journey of becoming a soldier in the Roman army and the trials and tribulations faced by those serving 2,000 years ago.

The books and TV series famously use comedy to grab children's attention with the grisly, bloody and mucky aspects of history. Exhibition objects will be accompanied by a commentary from Rattus who explains why he wanted to become a soldier, the dangers he could face, and the rewards he could receive.

Ham & High: A copper allow Roman Legionary helmetA copper allow Roman Legionary helmet (Image: The Trustees of The British Museum)

Running from February 1 the exhibition uses armour, tombstones, coins, clothing, and weapons to illustrate the personal experiences of individuals in one of most iconic fighting forces of all time, exploring daily life for the men, women and children who were part of the war machine of Rome's vast empire.

From life in the Roman fort, to the brutality of the battlefield, it highlights how, despite the risks, the Roman army offered an exceptional way for people from different backgrounds and parts of the empire to advance themselves.

Ham & High: A Roman scutum or shieldA Roman scutum or shield (Image: Yale University Art Gallery)

Terry Deary said: “Since the earliest days of Horrible Histories, Rotten Romans continues to be one of the most popular books and it’s no wonder as Roman life could be really horrible. But life in the Roman army was even worse – tough, dangerous and dirty (and that’s just the terrible toilets in the forts).

"I am glad that Horrible Histories will encourage families and children to engage with history at the British Museum and think about the real people who lived through it."

Horrible Histories’ illustrator Martin Brown comments: “After 30 years illustrating Horrible Histories, it’s great to see Rattus pop up in the British Museum with his rat’s-eye view of life in the Roman army. I hope everyone enjoys delving into some fascinatingly foul facts and exploring the utterly amazing artefacts on display – Horrible Histories-style."Ham & High: Oath taking between two soldiers on a Roman coinOath taking between two soldiers on a Roman coin (Image: The Trustees of The British Museum)

Richard Abdy, Curator of Roman and Iron Age coins added: “Fun facts are well-remembered facts, so a pinch of humour is a welcome ingredient. Horrible Histories excels at entertaining while reminding kids of all ages that history can be a lot grimmer than the popular imagination – the perfect antidote to a show on the Roman army."

Legion: life in the Roman army runs from February 1 – June 23 in the Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery at the British Museum. Children under 16 go free with a paying adult.