Harry Potter star Ralph Fiennes plays an altogether different kind of villain in a semi-immersive touring production of Macbeth.

Staged in custom-built theatres in cavernous hangars across the country, it has already played in a film production studio in Liverpool, and currently an indoor events centre in Edinburgh, before arriving in London's docklands next month.

Dock X is a former industrial warehouse in Canada Water where Shakespeare's gripping tale of greed, murder, deception and superstition will play from February 10 until March 23, before moving on to Washington D.C.

Ham & High: The modern dress production stars Indira Varma as Lady Macbeth and Ralph Fiennes as MacbethThe modern dress production stars Indira Varma as Lady Macbeth and Ralph Fiennes as Macbeth (Image: Matt Humphries)

Also starring Luther actor Indira Varma as Lady Macbeth, Simon Godwin's modern-set production brings the violent conflict in Macbeth's Scotland to the fore, with audiences entering the theatre via a battle strewn space, amid the sights and sounds of war.

Fiennes plays the war hero turned authoritarian tyrant, whose "vaulting ambition" - and a prophesy by a trio of witches - leads him to murder his King, and descend into a crazed orgy of paranoid bloodletting.

This slice of event theatre - including a bar suggesting Macbeth's fascistic overtones - has been praised by critics as lucid and intelligent, with a strong central pairing between Varma and Fiennes.

Ham & High: The witches mislead Macbeth with an ambiguous prophesyThe witches mislead Macbeth with an ambiguous prophesy (Image: Matt Humphries)

Fiennes, perhaps best known as Voldemort in the boy wizard franchise, is lauded for an edgy, tense and tortured performance in the title role.

Macbeth The Show runs at Dock X in Surrey Quays Road, Canada Water.