Police are investigating after two women were allegedly attacked at fashionable London nightspot Gilgamesh.

One woman told the Ham&High she was sexually assaulted by two men, while her friend said she was grabbed by the neck and body-slammed to the ground when she confronted them over it.

They said both “shocking” assaults happened in view of other customers inside the restaurant.

The men, who the alleged victims said seemed to have their own security team, seemingly fled via a back door before the police arrived.

The high-end restaurant, originally a paparazzi hotspot in Camden Market, has told police it has no relevant CCTV footage.

The women filmed one of the men themselves. Police have had the footage since December 27, they said, but have not thus far issued an appeal to identify the alleged attacker.

Celebrity hangout Gilgamesh opened in Camden in 2016 and was used as a Masterchef filming location.

Its licence was reviewed in 2012 after a string of violent attacks, including a man being glassed in the neck.

It closed in 2018 but reopened in the West End, between Leicester Square and Covent Garden, in November 2023.

The women were part of a large group who attended a birthday dinner there on December 16.

Jennifer said she was stood chatting after their meal when “suddenly, a man grabbed me from behind and put me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“He carried me to his table and another man started to spank my bottom. It was shocking behaviour and completely unexpected.

“I was screaming and I shook my legs so much the guy had to put me down. I screamed at them, ‘Why did you do that? Are you crazy?’”

Jennifer’s friend Louise* told the Ham&High: “We assumed that he knew her. But it turned out she didn’t know him at all. She was really shocked that this could happen in an upscale restaurant in central London.”

The women say they complained to Gilgamesh and asked for the men to be ejected, but nothing happened.

Ham & High: First established in Camden Market in 2006, Gilgamesh became a celebrity hangout but then closed in 2018. It reopened just two months ago in St Martin's Lane, between Leicester Square and Covent GardenFirst established in Camden Market in 2006, Gilgamesh became a celebrity hangout but then closed in 2018. It reopened just two months ago in St Martin's Lane, between Leicester Square and Covent Garden (Image: Charles Thomson)

Later on, Louise confronted the man who had allegedly grabbed Jennifer.

“I told him that his attitude was disgusting,” she said.

“The next thing I knew, he grabbed me by the throat and threw me down on the floor. It happened so fast that by the time I realised what was happening, I was already flat on the floor. It was ultra-violent.

“By the time I stood up, there were security surrounding him – but I don’t think they were restaurant security. It was very odd. He’s just assaulted two girls but suddenly there are about five bodyguards there to keep him safe. He was obviously a wealthy, powerful man.”

Louise said her back and head were both injured in the attack. The Ham&High has seen an email in which she offered to provide police with a doctor’s report.

The women say they waited for the police outside Gilgamesh’s front door and know the men did not leave that way, yet they were apparently gone by the time police arrived.

The Met Police would not comment on whether it had identified the attacker. Gilgamesh would not say whether it knew his identity or had provided it to the police.

“Police have received allegations from two women in their 30s who were allegedly assaulted at a restaurant in Covent Garden on December 16,” a Met Police spokesperson said.

“There have been no arrests. Enquiries continue.”

Gilgamesh did not dispute any element of the women’s account when the Ham&High put it to the restaurant.

Manager Jeff Lim said: “Gilgamesh is aware of an altercation prior to Christmas between two groups of guests.

“The restaurant has co-operated fully with the police and passed any necessary information to them.

“The matter is now with the police to determine whether any of the individuals concerned should be spoken to further.

“It goes without saying that Gilgamesh does not tolerate abusive behaviour of any kind.”

*Names have been changed as sexual assault victims are entitled to lifelong anonymity.