A pub reportedly refused to allow a girl a champagne flute for her fizzy apple juice so she could toast the New Year with her parents.

Dr Renée Hoenderkamp and her husband wanted their five-year-old daughter to be able to join in with their New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Old Bull & Bush pub in New End Way, Hampstead.

At around 7pm, they asked a waiter for a flute so all three of them could clink their glasses.

But the manager reportedly declined, saying “it could encourage her to drink alcohol and it’s not a great look”.

Dr Hoenderkamp, an NHS doctor who hosts a show on TalkTV, told The Telegraph: "We have a family habit that every meal we all cheers our glasses together, always, so we were in the restaurant and ordered two glasses of wine and we ordered her an Appletiser, because that was all they had.

“For me, [the manager] made a judgment that I wasn’t capable of parenting my own child. You know, it’s just a glass.

“It just made no sense but again it’s this nanny state where parents are not allowed to parent.”

She said that her child “never has a screen” but sits down and talks and plays games with her parents when they are out, unlike other parents who “downed their champagne” while their children were “stuck" looking at devices.

She said The Old Bull and Bush was a pub that she had used for many years but that she might not go back again.

Dr Hoenderkamp said it was "slow virtue signalling and nanny state wokeness overtaking the world," adding "it wouldn't surprise me if it then gets into other places".

The pub, owned by Premium Country Inns, reopened in September after a month-long makeover.

A spokesman for the company told the Telegraph: "As a responsible retailer of alcohol, we do not allow the sale of alcohol-free beer, lagers or ciders to people under the age of 18, or drinks that could perceived by our team or other guests to contain alcohol.

"Our position was explained to the guest at the time and it appeared to have been accepted without question,

"No compliant was raised at the venue."