Firefighters cordoned off part of a high street after concrete fell from a building.

A residents group said this was a common seasonal problem after London Fire Brigade was called to a masonry fall in Muswell Hill Broadway just after 4.15pm on Sunday (December 3).

Firefighters found small pieces of concrete had fallen from the top floor of a four-storey building above Beam cafe.

A 25m cordon was put in place as a precaution and there were no reports of any injuries, Lonon Fire Brigade said.

One of the brigade's 32m turntable ladders was used at the scene as an observation tower.

A video posted by Muswell Hill Residents Association on social media site Instagram showed firefighters knocking away pieces of decorative masonry.

Posting with the video, the group said: "More falling masonry on the Broadway tonight - it may have looked like there was a fire but the fire brigade were called after masonry fell from a flat above Beam.

"No one was hurt but it's only a matter of time as this is an ongoing problem every year when the weather changes."

A fire brigade spokesperson said the incident was over for firefighters by 6.40pm and issue has been left in the care of the local authority. 

Haringey Council has been contacted.