A council says its upgraded parking permit system now offers unlimited visitor permits and makes it easier to change addresses.

Haringey Council says it listened to users' complaints about the previous platform to create a much smoother new system, with fewer clicks to renew or buy new permits.

New features include no limit on the number of visitor permits residents can buy and a simpler way to register a change of address.

The system should also be clearer, and easier to set up an account.

It was designed to be more accessible for people with disabilities, and better for those using a screen reader, voice commands or screen magnifier. It can be also used on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

The council admits development took longer than expected but says it worked hard with its software developer and residents testing the account to make sure it launches without glitches.

Cllr Seema Chandwani, cabinet member for resident services and tackling inequality, said: "Residents often told us of the problems with the old platform, so we worked hard with them to make the upgrade fit for purpose, to make it easier to use, meets higher user standards and makes transactions quicker."

Cllr Chandwani explained the council has produced ‘how to’ videos as part of the system, showing how to set up a permit account, reset a password, find out what a resident qualification is and how to buy, book or cancel visitor permits.

She added the customer services team is ready to help with the introduction of the upgrade.

Visit https://new.haringey.gov.uk/parking/parking-permits to use the new system.