A woman is fighting to re-open an estate's outdoor play space which has been closed for three years.

Zahava Rosenthal, from Kentish Town, claimed that a concrete space at the Halstow estate has been shut for around three years, despite previously being open between 8am and 4pm every day.

She contacted her local councillor, Cllr Rebecca Filer, asking about the closure more than a year ago.

Ms Rosenthal was told in June this year by Cllr Filer that it would be hard to re-open the space due to antisocial behaviour on the estate.

Responses to two FOI requests submitted by Ms Rosenthal to Camden Council show that just one incident of anti-social behaviour has been recorded in the play space since 2015.

According to the council, the Neighbourhood Housing Officer (NHO) received a single report about anti-social behaviour taking place between 8am and 4pm in the play area at Halstow in 2019.

Another incident of anti-social behaviour was reported in 2019, but this took place in a nearby stairwell area. All other reports involved neighbours and did not take place in the play area.

Ms Rosenthal told Ham and High: “I think it’s a wasted space and I think it’s wrong that they’re not doing something with it.

“The older kids on the estate play in these very narrow walkways outside the house and…it just seems really silly when there’s an area.

“I’ve got a six month old and we’re planning on staying here for the foreseeable future and I want him to be able to use it and I don’t want to have to be fighting for it in two years time.”

She added that she believes someone is unlocking the play area to sweep it, so does not see why it could not be re-opened by the council.

Ms Rosenthal said: “I do want to get it made into something better but in the first place I just want to find out who has decided to keep it locked all the time.”

A Camden Council spokesperson said: “We want to get this space back into use for residents on the estate.

“We would like to involve residents to discuss options with them on how this space could be used, such as an area to grow food or a garden.

“We look forward to working with residents on the estate to take this project forward.”

The authority advised that in the meantime, there are play areas nearby that children can use.

These include play areas around St Silas and the Talacre Town play area and court for ball games.