A café which has branches across north London was warned of a “widespread mice infestation” at one of its eateries - but says it has sorted the issue.

Roni’s Hampstead in Rosslyn Hill explained it has since eradicated all signs of mice following a scathing food hygiene inspection on August 21.

The Ham&High previously reported several venues in the Camden borough were among the places with the lowest food hygiene ratings in our recent round-up of visits between August and September.

In a now-obtained food hygiene report, the Ham&High understands that the Rosslyn Hill Roni’s branch was given the lowest possible rating, zero out of five, and told that urgent improvement was necessary.

Ham & High: Roni's in HampsteadRoni's in Hampstead (Image: Street View)

One of the issues raised was a “widespread mice infestation", inspectors said, with droppings found on the benches, surfaces of packaging and areas where the food was stored.

The report read: “The chef was unaware of existing problem. When questioned – chef didn’t indicate that he would notify manager if droppings were found (as it was clear) during the visit.”

Environmental health inspectors noted that the daily checks were “not sufficient” as no mice droppings were noted or actioned.

The report also stated that gaps and holes should be pest proofed, as there were “several access points”.

Nicole Lanzman, of Roni’s, clarified that immediate action was taken as the café was voluntarily closed for ten days and a pest control company was brought in to “eradicate all signs of mice".

She continued: “In order to reopen we had to have a revisit from Camden Council who used special machinery to check that there was no sign of mice or mice droppings anywhere on the premises.

“As there was no sign of mice infestation they were satisfied the issue had been treated and we were allowed to reopen.

“We have since had many pest control inspections and there is no sign of any mice or dropping and they come to check on a weekly basis.”

Additional measures are in place such as bait and traps in case the issue were to occur again.

An independent audit was also carried out by Surefoot Solutions, to ensure that Deliveroo was satisfied all issues have been rectified so that trading can continue on the platform.

Officially, Roni’s Hampstead is still scored a zero out of five despite applying for a rescore, as a reinspection in which the rating is changed can take up to three months.

However Ms Lanzman added: “I can reassure you, all issues have been addressed and we are certain in our next report, we will receive a high score.

“We have just received a five rating in our Muswell Hill branch at the beginning of the week so on top of health and hygiene in all our branches.”