English Heritage is inviting members of the public to have their say on past and future events at Kenwood House.

Managers at the Hampstead Heath mansion are canvassing opinion on this summer's programme and plans for the next six months.

Forthcoming events include the Christmas at Kenwood light trail which opens for the third year running on December 1. Also planned is a Santa's grotto in the Old Kitchen, an Easter hunt in the flower garden, and weddings and corporate hires in the kitchen garden. 

The November 6 meeting asks for "ideas for the future and what is working well?"Ham & High: Events this summer in the grounds of Kenwood included The Luna Cinema outdoor screenings, concerts by candlelight and Shakespeare performancesEvents this summer in the grounds of Kenwood included The Luna Cinema outdoor screenings, concerts by candlelight and Shakespeare performances (Image: LC)

Emma Payne from The Friends of Kenwood said it was the first summer that events were held under an amended license without large scale music concerts. Instead there was a lower impact programme of open air cinema, concerts by candlelight, Shakespearean drama and 5,000 capacity mini festivals from the FT and HowTheLightGetsIn.

"We had been talking to English Heritage for some time about the landscaping not having enough time to recover after the big concerts and the various problems of it being on a slope that drains downhill, and massive lorries going back and forwards potentially affecting the fabric of the house," she said.

"We supported English Heritage in the long term decision to suspend large scale concerts and you can see the result this year. It has helped the landscape to recover and seems a much better solution. Kenwood was left to the nation as a fine example of an 18th century Gentleman's park and certain events are possibly not suitable."

She added that the Christmas light trail and grotto were popular with local residents and that "people would love to have music on a smaller scale at Kenwood if it were financially viable".

She called for any suggestions that people have seen work well elsewhere adding that under the terms of the bequest of the house and art collection, it had to be free to visit year round.

"It's important to understand that English Heritage has a shortfall in running the house, there is a masterplan under way to put it in a better place. It's not easy to please all the people and different groups. We need to find a pragmatic solution that makes the economics work while preserving Kenwood for future generations as an historic gem."

The consultation meeting is at 6.30pm in the Lecture Room at Kenwood on November 6. To book a space email kenwood.house@english-heritage.org.uk by Friday 3 November.