Carers will no longer have to pay for a parking permit when they visit vulnerable people in their homes.

Haringey Council’s new Care at Home permit has been introduced after residents told councillors about the “stress and cost” of ensuring their carer had a parking permit.

Residents who qualify can apply for the three-year permits, which cover their controlled parking zone.

Haringey Council has said that the application process was developed with residents, and claimed that it is simple and avoids the need for intrusive questions.  

Cllr Seema Chandwani, Haringey’s cabinet member for resident services and tackling inequality, said: “Residents often tell me of the stress and cost of making sure their carer has a parking permit so they can park outside their home to deliver vital care needs.

“We have worked hard with these residents to understand their needs and have developed this new permit to help them whilst also taking anti-fraud measures.

“Co-producing services and solutions with our residents is a top priority. This development is a perfect example of how working with our residents and partners in the health and care sector can lead to improved and more equitable outcomes.”

Further information about the ‘Care at Home’ parking permit is available at