Work is currently underway to transform a derelict property near to Harry Styles’ home into a new celebrity Beverly Hill-style pad.

Celebrity couple Patrick Kielty and Cat Deeley will soon be moving into their new Hampstead home near to the Heath after plans were first submitted to Barnet Council last year to give the property a major makeover.

Once settled in, the TV presenter and comedian couple will be right next-door to pop-star Harry Styles – but the 1950’s home will require a lot of work, according to documents in the planning application.

The current state of the property is a two-storey detached five-bedroom home in a private road, and in the design and access statement the existing dwelling was said to have “many positive qualities” which the owners wish to “build on and strengthen”.

Ham & High: Patrick Kielty and Cat Deeley will be moving to HampsteadPatrick Kielty and Cat Deeley will be moving to Hampstead (Image: PA)

It was noted that the house has been unoccupied for many years and is in a “poor state of repair”. Images shared to the council show parts of the ceiling plaster ripped with large holes and the application states the interior needs a “wholesale refurbishment”.

According to the plan, any changes proposed will keep the “principal character and identity” of the existing building, along with a new single storey entrance extension to the north, a 1.5 metre extension to the west and a new extension to the southeast corner and roof adjustments.

Ham & High: The property will require a major refurbishmentThe property will require a major refurbishment (Image: PA)

There would also be minor adjustments to “reflect modern day family living”.

Barnet Council approved the renovation plans in January this year, after no objections from neighbours.

But they were given a condition that the development must begin within three years from the date permission was granted.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple have already begun to get adjusted to the area after being pictured together at The Spaniards Inn in February this year.