The leader of a park group that criticised the felling of 15 trees has resigned after receiving online abuse and hate mail accusing him of supporting the act.

Chris Arnold, chair of the Friends of Stationers Park, has hit out at trolls who he claimed posted “false accusations and conspiracy theories” about the group.

Last month, Mr Arnold criticised a Haringey Council contractor for the “massacre” of 15 trees in the park in Mayfield Road.

He told the Ham and High: "While we understand the need to fell dangerous trees and those damaging property, I can see no reason why these needed to be cut down and share the horror locals feel.”

But Haringey Council claimed that the plans were co-designed and agreed with the Friends of Stationers Park - something Mr Arnold denied.

Although Mr Arnold has now said that the group has received a commitment from the council to plant at least 20 new trees in the park, he said he has “had enough abuse”.

He claimed that despite spending “a lot of time” trying to resolve the situation, many still blamed the group.

Mr Arnold said: “Enough is enough. I am sure I will get a bigger bashing from [trolls]…but time to walk away and dedicate my time to other community projects.”

In his unvarnished description of his role, he made it sound like it would take a tough character to put up with the downsides.

He wrote: "It's unpaid, you will be required to dedicate a lot of your time at your own expense to try and make the park a better place for the community. It will be frustrating and you will need to be very persistent working with the council. But sadly you will be abused by a sad minority.

"Every few days you'll need to tour the park, and listen to park users. Occasionally, climb into the smelly pond and drag all the rubbish out."

Describing the work as "like being a councillor", he went on to outline how the group became subject to "lies and rumours" of being dog haters.

He added: "We have tried to do a lot but it's not enough for a few who seem to want to undermine our community and be hateful.

"But I doubt anyone of those will volunteer."

Following news of Mr Arnold's resignation, the secretary of the group posted to its Facebook page to thank him for all his "hard work". 

She said: "[Chris] has done an enormous amount of unpaid work for the benefit of the community - put on free events like the fantastic cinema, got very dirty cleaning up the pond, planted bulbs and spent lots of time liaising with the council and our local MP to improve the park.

"We have very few members and even fewer volunteers. I suggest that all those who complained should now come forward and actually help out."

The Friends of Stationers Park is now searching for a new chair to lead the group.