Neighbours living in an Art Deco block are "delighted" after new plans to build an extra storey on their building were refused after a planning inspector threw out the initial scheme.

Developer Freshwater lost its appeal against Camden Council last month after councillors refused planning permission for seven flats under a new mansard roof on the block in Howitt Close, Belsize Park, in August 2022.

Freshwater had already submitted a second revised application, but Camden put a decision on the new plans on hold until the appeal had had been decided.

The council has now refused permission for the revised plans citing its "height, massing, design and undue prominence", and the absence of social housing.

Officers also said the lack of a construction management plan would cause conflicts between builders and other road users and the lack of car parking would add to stress on spaces.

Francois Guesnet, who was among opponents of the extension, said neighbours were "delighted".

Mr Guesnet said: "This is a very dramatic and positive development from our point of view.

"The decision of the planning inspector already emphasised the bulkiness and top heaviness of planning application number one and planning application number two was even worse."

In a report published on September 21, inspector Jonathon Parsons identified the effects on Howitt Close as a heritage asset and the character and appearance of Belsize Conservation Area as among the main issues.

He added that while mansard roofs are a feature of surrounding Edwardian terraces, the attempt to add one to the flat roofed Art Deco building made it look “bulky” and “top heavy”.

Mr Guesnet said the emphasis on aspects of design and heritage has always been central to the community's arguments.

He said: "We didn't argue about dust in the street and too many people and whatever, we argued about the conservation area and this has been fully embraced by the planning inspector.

"This is a full vindication of the arguments which have been made by the heritage societies, the Liberal Democrat councillor Tom Simon, and by many neighbours."