Oppenheimer star Tom Conti is the latest celebrity calling for elderly people not to be forgotten amid the "canonisation" of cyclists and migration of almost all services online.

The veteran actor, who has starred in hits including The Quick and the DeadShirley Valentine, and the 2012 blockbuster Dark Knight Rises, has backed The Forgotten of Camden campaign.

Launched by campaigner Jessica Learmond-Crique, the petition aims to fight the "damaging effect" of Camden Council's policies on older and less able residents.

The film star hit out at the "canonisation of cycling", particularly in Belsize Park and highlighted that many elderly "cannot enter the digital world."

Conti, who lives in Hampstead, said: "‘The damage that the canonisation of cyclists has done to London is incalculable; the absurdity of the Belsize road plan adding to this. 

"Older and less able people grossly inconvenienced and businesses badly damaged. How many cyclists use those lanes? Hardly any.

"Add to this, the facts that many elderly cannot enter the digital world and are often entrapped in low traffic neighbourhoods, and you have another example that Labour pretends to care."

The Crown actor Janet Suzman has previously given her backing and criticised "thoughtless" town planning.

She said: "Not all of us can get around on foot or by bicycle - some of us need four wheels."

The petition shares themes with Age UK's new campaign, ‘Offline and Overlooked,’ to get the Government to guarantee accessible offline routes to every public service older people rely on.

Jessica said: "Digital access to information and parking excludes those of us who aren’t IT literate and don’t use computers or smart phones. We must have access too."

A Camden Council spokesperson said: “It is incorrect to suggest there is an 'online only' policy.

This is evident from, for example, the (offline) PayByPhone service, which enables residents to call a number displayed on parking meters.

"Elsewhere, with regard to Healthy School Streets, residents can telephone 020 7974 8796.

"We know that many residents find online services, such as the Love Clean Street and Fix My Street apps, to be very useful - but it's extremely important also to enable the digitally excluded to be able to use council services.

"Our older residents and their concerns are really important to us - we want Camden to be a place that works for everyone, where no-one gets left behind.”

To sign the petition visit: https://www.change.org/p/forgotten-of-camden-focs