Protesters gathered outside a construction company headquarters after allegations of staff being wrongfully dismissed.

The Murphy Group, located in Highgate Road in Kentish Town, is under fire from union Unite as it claims it has received an “increasing number of concerns” about the company’s behaviour at a stie in Ireland.

It denies the claims, describing them as "factually incorrect".

Protesters held a banner outside the firm's headquarters on Friday (September 29) reading “Murphy International, stop destroying workers’ lives!”

Ham & High: Protesters in Kentish TownProtesters in Kentish Town (Image: Mark Thomas)

According to the union, Murphy International wrongfully sacked four Unite members, including a representative, last year.

The workers, who were undertaking work at a site in the Republic of Ireland, were reportedly dismissed after organising a meeting of 15 workers to discuss Murphy’s non-payment of travel and subsistence payments.

Unite says the four workers were suspended without pay and were then dismissed for “not showing remorse”.

Ham & High: Protesters in Kentish TownProtesters in Kentish Town (Image: Mark Thomas)

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “Unite is aware that a growing number of people are unhappy at the activities of the Murphy Group and it is apparent that its bad behaviour does not begin and end with its attempts to union-bust and its unfair dismissal of our members.

“Unite has pledged to leave no stone unturned in its campaign to have our members reinstated and the launch of the hotline is the first stage in the union’s commitment to build a broad based coalition prepared to stand up to the Murphy Group.”

A hotline has been launched for anyone who is dissatisfied or concerned about the actions of the construction company.

Anyone members of the public or employees who had dealings with Murphy are asked to report the issues to: 0800 0808 175 4072

A spokesperson for Murphy said: “We categorically refute Unite’s misleading claims concerning the nature of this case.

"The claims regarding the reason for the dismissals and allegations of union busting are factually incorrect.

"Murphy International Limited acted in response to unballoted, unnotified, and therefore unlawful strike action taken by a small minority of workers at our Aughinish site in Limerick, Ireland.

"Murphy has had a presence on site for over 40 years, enjoying good industrial relations on the site. All its employees who work on the site are members of trade unions. The company has always indicated that it is open to resolving this matter amicably and sensibly.

"We remain committed to maintaining an open dialogue with all parties around this issue to try to draw a line under this matter.  This matter is currently subject to legal proceedings in Ireland.”