A man has suffered life-changing injuries after he tried to tackle an e-bike fire in his bedroom.

The bike caught fire in New Orleans Walk in Highgate on Tuesday, September 12.

The owner at first tried to extinguish the blaze himself using a fire extinguisher, sustaining burns to several parts of his body.

Firefighters then attended the scene and were able to safely bring the blaze under control.

Ham & High: The e-bike caught fire in a bedroom in HighgateThe e-bike caught fire in a bedroom in Highgate (Image: LFB)

An investigation by the London Fire Brigade found the e-bike had been on charge when it went up in flames, and that the charger had been purchased online the day before.

It comes after a spate of e-bike fires across London in the last week.

Ham & High: Firefighters tackle blaze in Roman Road, BowFirefighters tackle blaze in Roman Road, Bow (Image: LFB)

On September 13, an e-bike battery failed destroying most of a shop in Roman Road in Bow.

The previous weekend, firefighters tackled two blazes caused by e-bikes – one in Holborn and another in Penge.

Ham & High: An e-bike fire broke out in PengeAn e-bike fire broke out in Penge (Image: LFB)

There have already been at least 137 e-bike or e-scooter fires this year in London, of which at least 115 have involved an e-bike. Three people have died and more than 50 people have been injured.

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) recently warned that there had been more e-bike and e-scooter battery fires so far this year than during the whole of 2022. 

LFB Deputy Commissioner Dom Ellis said: “We strongly recommend calling us immediately if there is a fire, but particularly if it involves your e-bike or e-scooter.  

“Fires involving lithium batteries, which power these vehicles, can be ferocious, producing jets of flame. The blaze is also hot enough to melt through metal. 

“This type of fire produces a highly flammable, explosive and toxic vapour cloud which should never be inhaled. The fire can also be extremely challenging to put out.”

He added: “We recognise the many benefits e-bikes bring to travel in our city, but the stark reality is that some of these vehicles are proving to be incredibly dangerous, particularly if they have been modified with second-hand products or if batteries are used with the wrong chargers.”

LFB advice for e-bike owners

  • Always use the correct charger and buy it from a reputable seller, otherwise the risk of fire is much greater
  • Never block an escape route with an e-bike or e-scooter  
  • Never charge the vehicle unattended or whilst you are asleep 
  • Never tamper or modify the battery 
  • Always get a professional to carry out a conversion