The owner of a much-loved restaurant which has served celebrities as well as the community for 31 years shared a “an enormous thank you” after it served its last meal.

Banner’s in Park Road, Crouch End, closed for good last Tuesday (September 12), nearly four months after plans were announced of its closure.

Established in 1992, the eatery became a well-known establishment in the community.

It also had a Bob Dylan table after the Nobel-prize winning singer-songwriter dined at the place in August 1993.

A notice has been put up at the front of the restaurant, which said: “Thank you to you all for nearly 31 years of your contribution to making this the best experience anyone could wish for.

“We wish you good health and happiness always.”

On Instagram, owner Juliette Banner shared a touching message as she thanked the Banner’s team and the many customers over the years.

She wrote: “[To] my wonderful son and daughter who would rather the restaurant didn’t close but who are, as always, incredibly supportive.

“Tim our head chef and head of so much more throughout.

“Lolla, the greatest everything.”

The owner then went on to say: “[To] each person who brought their skill and personality to work with them. We end our 31 years with extraordinarily wonderful chef and front of house team that will remain Family-Banner’s.

“All our customers and Banner’s friends who have supported the restaurant over the years and turned hard work to fun and who have recently shared tears, stories and affection that we will not forget.”

The message was concluded with “an enormous thank you”.

One person responded that the restaurant has been “the glue of Crouch End for many years”.

Another said: “Only you could have created such an amazing history.”