A cyclist captured the moment he obliviously rode past pop icon Harry Styles as he strolled on Hampstead Heath.

London cyclist Travis Nelson has made a name for himself on social media as he records his bike journeys around London on a GoPro video camera with his deaf white cat Singrid in the basket on the front of his bike.

In a video shared on Instagram, Mr Nelson pointed out how he captured As It Was singer Harry walking past along with actress Taylor Russell, who is rumoured to be his girlfriend, in a new video this week.

The couple were ‘third-wheeled’ as they walked with the singer’s dog Root, who seemed to catch the attention of Singrid, who hissed at the canine from her basket.

Ham & High: A screengrab from @skintensionA screengrab from @skintension (Image: @skintension / Instagram)

Fans and residents in Hampstead might not be surprised to hear Harry was spotted in the area, given that he owns property in Hampstead.

Images of Harry walking around the area tend to crop up whenever he’s spotted out and about.

Ham & High: A screengrab from @skintensionA screengrab from @skintension (Image: @skintension)

Earlier this year the Ham&High shared an image of Harry seemingly entering Hampstead station ahead of his ‘Love on Tour’ show in Wembley Stadium, as fans were starstruck to see the celebrity commuting the same way most Londoners do to their workplaces.