Blue badge holders will be exempt from low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) schemes after complaints about the current rules.

Haringey Council says a more generous exemption for blue badge holders driving in its three LTN trials will come into force on September 4.

Under current restrictions, blue badge holders living inside or on the immediate boundary of a low-traffic scheme are exempt from most, but not all, camera-enforced traffic filters.

But from next month, all permit holders in the boroughs will be able to drive through every scheme –  Bounds Green, St Ann’s and Bruce Grove West Green – without restriction.

It comes after this paper reported in June that one pensioner from Bruce Grove had been fined four times for driving in her local LTN despite having a permit due to her husband’s limited mobility.

Her son said that the fines had left her “confused” and knocked her confidence getting around the local area.

Haringey Council said that the decision to relax the exemption rules followed an “extensive listening and engagement exercise” with disability and community groups.

On September 4, the authority will also make some changes to how the Bruce Grove West Green trial operates in response to feedback and data monitoring.

These include removing two traffic filters – one in Linley Road off Bruce Grove (A10) and another in Moorefield Road, which will return it to a one-way northbound street.

The traffic filter in The Avenue will also be changed to allow access for vehicles travelling westbound down the road.

Haringey Council has also announced that it will introduce a 7.5 tonne HGV ban in Downhills Way and Belmont Road to try to mitigate an increase in lorries using this route.

Disability Action Haringey said: “The exemption across all LTN's for Haringey blue badge holders is one of the most progressive approaches to LTN exemptions across London.”

Cllr Mike Hakata, deputy leader of Haringey Council, said: “These changes mean we now have one of the most extensive exemptions procedures, which has also been simplified and helps all Blue Badge holders living in Haringey get around the borough. 

“Our progressive approach strikes the right balance between providing access to those people who face obstacles in their daily lives while continuing to meet the objectives of improving air quality, reducing congestion, and creating safer and more inclusive spaces for all.”