Mouse droppings were found scattered around a Persian restaurant that scored the lowest possible rating in a food hygiene inspection.

Hana, in West End Lane, West Hampstead, scored a 0/5 food hygiene rating on June 28 after a visit by environmental health officers from Camden Council.

The restaurant was told ‘urgent improvement’ was required and it still has a zero rating over a month and a half later.

A full report seen by the Ham&High states that droppings were found in the ground floor bar area, on the floor, lower shelving, in food storage areas, on cleaning equipment, and on the crockery in the basement kitchen.

Chewed nesting material was also found in the rear storage area of the kitchen beneath the crockery shelving.

It was said there was an “imminent risk to public health” and no confidence in management.

According to the report, food was not being adequately protected against contamination from rodents and raw meats were being stored above and next to cooked foods.

The report also revealed: “At the time of the visit, food and drinks were being stored on the floor. Food and drinks must not be placed on the floor in an area where it may become contaminated  - especially at this time when you have an active mice infestation.”

Dirty cloths were being used on the inside of rice cooking pots and staff were seen washing their hands in the washing up sink and drying them on their backside – rather than using the designated hand wash basin.

The environmental health team advised that droppings should be regularly removed so that staff are aware of any new or recent activity, that kitchen bins are cleared regularly and that large equipment such as a refrigerator are moved at least twice a week and clean behind them.

The restaurant was among five other establishments in Camden where inspectors found the hygiene was not up to scratch between late June and July.

Hana has been approached for comment.