The council has been accused of overzealously enforcing parking restrictions during work to resurface a street.

Haringey Council put in additional parking restrictions during work in Hornsey Lane Gardens in Highgate from August 3, but one resident, who did not wish to be named, claimed the council’s contractor did not start the work that day.

Nonetheless he said at least four parking tickets were issued during the morning, a move he branded as “cruel”.

He added: “As things stand, Haringey Council have prevented people parking outside their own houses for no good reason.

"They’re just trying to give tickets, that’s what they’re doing.”

The council denied that any fines have been issued incorrectly.

Resurfacing work has now begun in the road, and restrictions are set to be in place between 8am and 4.30pm until August 26.

The resident also questioned the need to have the restrictions on a Sunday, claiming he doubted work would take place on those days.

In once section of street, notices initially put up forbade drivers from parking next to one lamppost, even though that post was not supposed to be covered by restrictions.

On August 4 the error was corrected with a sticker identifying the correct lamppost.

Ham & High: The original notice (left) and the amended notice (right) The original notice (left) and the amended notice (right) (Image: Newsquest)

The resident claimed that a car was given a PCN for parking next to the lamppost before the error was corrected.

A council spokesperson said: “We put in place parking suspensions where the council or one of its contractors is undertaking necessary work to or on the footway or the road so that we can ensure all-important access. 

“We always give as much notice as possible - in this case it was seven days - although we appreciate these suspensions can cause inconvenience to residents.   

“There was an error with a sign, which was quickly rectified but that did not result in the issue of incorrect PCNs.”

They added: “Our advice to any individual who believes they have received a parking ticket incorrectly is to appeal that decision using the instructions given on the penalty charge notice and we will always investigate.”