Broadcaster Jeremy Vine has hit out at a council’s waste collectors after he filmed a lorry traveling the wrong way down a cycle lane.

But the Radio 2 DJ was himself criticised when his video appeared to show he had cycled through a red light, something he denied.

Vine was on his bike in Camden's Tavistock Place cycle lane when a Veolia bin lorry appeared, travelling in his direction.

In a video posted to X, formerly Twitter, on Saturday (August 5), Vine can be heard saying “no, no, no” as bin men drive the lorry down the cycle lane.

As Vine moves out of the way of the lorry, he asks one worker, who is seen dragging a bin down the pavement – “What are you doing? This is a cycle lane."

The bin man retorts: “See what we’re doing here – working, mate.”

A caption on the video then reads: “We all support bin operators, but surely, even they aren’t allowed to drive the wrong way down a cycle lane?”

Text then adds: “Every day the bin truck drives the wrong way down this cycle lane. Doing this forces cyclists off the road or into oncoming traffic.

“The bizarre thing is that Camden is serious about cycling safety. It’s almost as if there are two Camdens.”

In the caption to his video post, Vine said: “Really need Camden Council to stop Veolia trucks imperilling people who cycle.

“You can’t take a massive hunk of metal like this the wrong way down a cycle lane, no matter how important a job its operatives are doing”.

Some X users seemed to disagree with Vine, with one commenting: “Are you not capable of going round it? And are you not supporting them in an important job.

“What do you expect them to do? It takes just a small manoeuvre from a cyclist and everyone gets on with life.”

Some criticised the manoeuvre Vine did take to avoid the bin lorry, claiming he had gone through a red light.

One wrote: "You didn’t dismount from your bike as can clearly be seen in the video, you stayed on your bike, rode across the pavement blissfully unaware of the van that nearly side swiped you because you jumped the lights. Thanks to @metpoliceuk for sending me the report form which I’m sure Jeremy is really familiar with having reported so many drivers for jumping lights in the past."

Vine replied: "Worth you reading the replies to your extremely foolish tweet. For literally the 20th time, I had a large truck moving towards me illegally. What part of that do you not understand?"

Camden Council appeared to side with Vine, thanking him for flagging the issue in a comment underneath his post.

Camden Council said: “Thanks for making us aware @theJeremyVine. Our waste and recycling vehicles have set routes and should not be blocking or travelling down cycle lanes.

“We have reviewed the lorry routes with Veolia and reminded them of the importance of drivers keeping cycle lanes clear at all times”.

Camden Council and Veolia have been contacted for more information about the incident.