London is home to many weird and wonderful things, from the likes of the seven noses of Soho to the smallest police station in Trafalgar Square. 

Now a new bizarre London thing has been found, as the internet has discovered The Thin House in South Kensington. 

Coming in at 6ft wide at its narrowest point, the home dating back to the 19th century on Thurloe Square is used as flats, with prices ranging from £850k to £1m.

But, everything is not as it seems as the thin house is not as skinny as it might seem from a point. 

As the building is actually built at a triangular design, meaning that it does actually widen from its smallest area, with the largest width at 34ft.

But now, users of the social media platform Reddit have discovered the unique building and they can't seem to believe it. 

Reddit users discover The Thin House in London

Shared on a board that focuses on interesting facts, many questioned what the purpose of the home was. 

As one user wrote: "Makes you wonder.. Did they build it because they should or merely because they could?"

Whislt another suggested it was used to hide the London Underground: "I thought it was one of those fake frontages that they build to mask the underground train tracks, but this one appears to actually be a house!"

Others offered information on the reason the house is so thin, writing: "In this case, it's just a wedge-shaped house to fill some space, but London also has flat houses that hide the not-so-underground parts of the underground railway system. They're even thinner than this, just a flat facade with no room."

Where is The Thin House in London?

If you want to see The Thin House for yourself, you will want to head to Thurloe Square between South Kensington tube station and the V&A museum.