Viral billboard adverts for the adult site OnlyFans have been commandeered by environmental activists with their own 'OilyFans' topless image.

Model Eliza Rose Watson last month turned heads and sparked complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority with her steamy adverts for her adult OnlyFans page - with one Harrow poster graffitied with the message “keep porn off our streets”.

Ham & High: OnlyFans adverts were appearing in London, this one in Harrow is graffitied with 'keep porn off our streets'OnlyFans adverts were appearing in London, this one in Harrow is graffitied with 'keep porn off our streets' (Image: UGC)

Now environmental campaign group Global Witness has bought out the advertising slots at three of the sites - Bruce Grove in Tottenham, Norwood High Street in Lambeth, and Deansbrook Road in Edgware.

In a nod to the boards' recent eyecatching content, they are commenting on the "bulging" pay package of BP CEO Bernard Looney, whose earnings rose from £4.5 million to £10 million last year.

Ham & High: The new advert advertising 'OilyFans'The new advert advertising 'OilyFans' (Image: PA)

Global Witness said its ‘OilyFans’ replacement of the previous adverts was a joke about a serious topic.

Nearly a fifth of BP's shareholders voted against the pay package at a turbulent annual meeting in April, with campaigners denouncing the decision, saying many ordinary families cannot afford to pay their energy bills.

Alice Harrison, fossil fuels campaign leader at Global Witness, said: “BP’s CEO saw his pay packet bulge, whilst the rest of us were plunged into a deep and damaging cost-of-living crisis – that’s something we really aren’t fans of.

“Although light-hearted in nature, our action today is intended to highlight the very serious issue of an energy system that pays out to polluters and penalises ordinary people.

“The £10 million Bernard Looney took home last year would take the average UK worker 300 years to earn. This means, in a year when parents were sending their kids to school hungry and pensioners were riding the bus all day to stay warm, Bernard Looney was laughing all the way to the bank.”

The original billboards showed model Eliza Rose Watson in underwear advertising her OnlyFans account page.

Ham & High: Eliza Rose WatsonEliza Rose Watson (Image: Eliza Rose Watson)

The former pre-school teacher, 34, defended her adverts and said she would “absolutely” consider putting more up across the capital.

In July the Advertising Standards Authority said that they would be reviewing complaints after the billboards made national headlines.

A BP spokesperson said: “A poster like this doesn’t merit comment.”