A police officer who put himself at risk to disarm a criminal while "looking down the barrel of a gun" has been awarded for his bravery.

Police Constable Andrew Cushing has been named as the London region winner in the annual National Police Federation Bravery Awards.

At 7.30am on February 4 last year, PC Cushing was on duty undertaking a routine patrol near Regent's Park on his police motorbike when he saw a car being driven erratically.

When he attempted to stop the vehicle it sped off.

PC Cushing pursued on his motorbike but was forced to stop when the vehicle began driving on the wrong side of the road, posing a danger to the public.

Shortly afterwards the car came to a stop following a collision and as PC Cushing approached, the driver got out and ran away.

PC Cushing followed the man into Mornington Crescent and attempted to arrest him. During a struggle, the man produced a gun and pointed it directly at the officer.

The Met said despite being alone, facing an armed man who was pointing a gun at him, PC Cushing remained calmed and took a split-second opportunity to disarm him and bring him to the floor where could be arrested.

PC Cushing, of parliamentary and diplomatic protection said the recognition was a "proud moment in my career, made all the more special by it being my last year as a serving Metropolitan Police officer before I retire".

He added: "Each and every police officer around the country deserves recognition for the work they do keeping the public safe, as they never know what's around the corner - as shown by this incident.”

Also nominated from the Met Police were PC Adam Elwood and Police Dog Cruz, who chased and arrested a dangerous group of men, despite one of them pointing a gun at them.

PC Gareth Griffin who remained calm while apprehending a robbery suspect as a crowd was gathering, was another nominee.

Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said that PC Cushing was a "a very worthy winner" of the Police Federation Bravery Award.

“This shocking incident began as a vehicle stop. It is an example of the uncertainty faced by police officers each day, never truly knowing what they will face when they put on their uniforms and go out to keep the public safe."

Commander Simon Messinger, said: “PC Cushing doggedly pursued a driver who was putting people’s lives at risk, only to find himself looking down the barrel of a gun.

“This terrifying situation would panic most people, but PC Cushing acted with the utmost calm and clarity of thought, seizing a split-second opportunity to disarm the man so he could be arrested, and the public be kept safe."