A Metropolitan Police officer who was dismissed after he exposed himself on Hampstead Heath has said the area is a well-known place in the gay community for open or public sex. 

On Monday (July 10) DC Dariusz Alexander, 48, was dismissed from the force after he exposed his penis and masturbated in public on March 18. 

After he was spotted by a colleague he was arrested and charged with outraging public decency, for which he was convicted at Stratford Magistrates’ Court and given a six-month conditional discharge. 

A misconduct hearing was told: “DC Alexander has repeatedly apologised for his behaviour, explaining that he is a homosexual man and that he had attended that part of Hampstead Heath on the day in question because it is a well known area for meeting other homosexual men in order to have sex.” 

DC Alexander said he believed the plain-clothed officer he exposed his penis to was in the area for the same reason and had a sexual interest in him. 

DC Alexander was a commended officer who was attached to the Roads and Transport Policing Command (RTPC). 

Det Supt Christina Jessah, in charge of road policing, said: “Everyone in this organisation knows the high standards expected of them and it is right that those who fall short are held to account.” 


Assistant Commissioner Barbara Gray said: “The public could not have confidence in DC Alexander after he has shown himself capable of behaving in such a way. 

“I know the public would not have confidence in the MPS if we appeared not to take such behaviour seriously. 

“This is especially true in the context of the grave and current public concern about police officers as perpetrators of offences that fall within the category of violence against women and girls. 

“Although I accept that the offence DC Alexander has been convicted of does not strictly fall within that group of offences, and that this was very far from his motivation from behaving the way he did, it is entirely possible that a member of the public could have been caused considerable distress had they observed DC Alexander exposing himself in the way that he did. 

“The fact that a serving police officer would place themselves in such a position shows a very concerning lack of judgement.” 

DC Alexander was dismissed from the force without notice.